D.1.1. Consortium Agreement: D1.1. RADICAL_Consortium Agreement

D1.2. Project contract: D1.2. Project contract

D 1.3. Joint meeting report 1: 171204 RADICAL 1. joint meeting minutes_kick off

D 1.4. Joint meeting report 2: 180213 RADICAL 2. Joint meeting minutes

D 1.5. Joint meeting report 3: 180611 RADICAL_3. Joint meeting minutes

D 1.6. Joint meeting report 4: 181010 RADICAL – 4th joint meeting minutes (V1.0)

Joint meeting report 5: 181128 5th Joint Meeting minutes

Joint Meeting report 6:

Joint Meeting report 7:

Joint Meeting report 8:

Joint Meeting report 9:

D 1.7. Progress Report: Technical_report_RADICAL – Filling Skills Gaps in Blue Industry by Radical Competence Boost in Engineering VET

D 1.8. Final Report



D 2.1. Study visit to Germany and France: RADICAL_D2.1._Study trip to Germany and France

D 2.2. Mentoring in cooperation processes model

D 2.3. Study results

D 2.4. Case studies from piloting


D 3.1. Cooperation model

D 3.2. New curriculum for BE

D 3.3. Model for execution of studies

D 3.4. Study of results


D 4.1. Quality management plan: 180503 RADICAL – D4.1 – QMP (V2.0)

D 4.2. Updating and monitoring quality:

Update M12: RADICAL QMP Update
Update M18:
Update M24:


D 5.1. Formative evaluation support:

D 5.2. Final Evaluation Report


D 6.1. Report of partner exploitation

D 6.2. Report of exploitation and impact in official level

D 6.3. Report of exploitation in companies


D 7.1. Dissemination plan: 180507 RADICAL – D7.1. Dissemination plan (V2.0)

D 7.2. Articles in conference and journal publications

D 7.3. Articles in newspapers and professional publications

(D 7.4. Seminars and workshops (1 regional))

(D7.4. Seminars and workshops (1 regional))

(D7.4. Seminars and workshops (1 regional + 1 intern.))

D 7.5. Internet pages and e-materials

D 7.6 Dissemination materials for third party use

D 7.7. Dissemination to HEIs committed to Blue Industry