Partner presentation: UAS Aschaffenburg

UAS Aschaffenburg is a University of Applied Sciences with 3 500 students and 315 staff members of which approximately 95 are professors. There are two faculties: Business & Law and Engineering providing unique higher education programs within technical sales and business administration. UAS Aschaffenburg hosts a department of the Faunhofer Institute that has good reputation in applied research.

The UAS is located in an industry cluster, with mainly automotive sub-tier-level suppliers and companies from robot systems and medical technologies fields. Some of these companies are either market leaders or technology leaders in their specific fields. Within the region of Lower-Franken, The UAS Aschaffenburg is the sole university. Nearest universities towns are Darmstadt (45 km) and Frankfurt on the Main (45 km).

The dual model program has been in use since the starting time of UAS Aschaffenburg in 1995. Many companies cooperate with the UAS, sending their employees to study for a degree. With their long experience in dual model educational programs, UAS Aschaffenburg can provide feedback from industry, students and teaching staff. There is a department taking care of the contractual issues as well as the industry contacts. With their expertise in dual model programs, the UAS can support the project with contract proposals, frame programs, templates and further related information and data as well as examples for dual model education.

Being involved in this project gives the UAS a viewpoint to other dual models. In addition, the discussions opens up new ideas for improving the program, and the ENGINE model results will be discussed within the relevant department at the UAS Aschaffenburg.