International benchmarking

In January and February, I travelled with my two colleagues Rauni Jaskari and Janne Siivonen to University of Applied Sciences Hannover, University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg and ESTA School of Business and Technology in Belfort. The first two universities are located in Germany, the home of the dual model, and the last in France, where the university has long traditions of good and intensive cooperation with industry.

During the trip the hosts, who are also project partners, opened up accurately their way of working, their education models and their results. In addition, we also got to know industry representatives who are involved in the implementation of the model.

Meeting with Volkswagen, Continental, General Electric and several smaller companies gave us reasons to believe that the ENGINE education model will change the engineering education in a very positive way.

Although the ENGINE training model is under development, the professors Martin Grotjahn, Martin Reuter, Wolfgang Strache, Ludger Schneider-Störmann and Thomas Röhr along with Petra Pohl, Melissa Storm, and many of the other friendly people we met, convinced us, that making this change and taking the engineering education to a new level would certainly pay off. The dual model learning results have been so good.


Tero Reunanen, Turku University of Applied Sciences