ENGINE got a warm welcome in Vienna


ENGINE model was introduced in Vienna on May 15th. RADICAL project held an international seminar Tackling the demand for highly skilled engineers in Finland to disseminate ENGINE model to higher education institutions representatives, companies, students and other stakeholders. The seminar had participants from Austria, Germany, France and Finland.

Professors Martin Grotjahn, Ludger Schneider-Störmann and Thomas Röhr from partner institutions Hannover University of Applied Sciences, UAS Aschaffenburg and ESTA Belfort provided viewpoint about benefits gained from cooperation between industry and higher education and offered background information from existing European dual study models. In European scale, the geographical distance between these partner universities is small. However, they vary greatly from each other. These models, with altogether years of “dual” experience, have served as examples to ENGINE model.

RADICAL project members at the seminar

Local perspective was served from both company and education institution’s point of view, as Dr. Markus Guggenberger from TÜV Austria shared his insights from company side. Professor Roman Anlanger from Viennese University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna, a welcoming host organization for the seminar, described in his presentation Austrian companies’ successful cooperation with higher education institutions.

In the end of the seminar, ENGINE model was described to the public by Turku University of Applied Sciences representatives Rauni Jaskari and Timo Holopainen. Even though ENGINE is designed to meet the needs of South-West Finland, it can be adopted to other districts.

Since already existing dual models may be developed further and, also because there are no higher education dual study models in Austria, the seminar hit a fertile ground. ENGINE model was warmly welcomed and ready to be taken in action in autumn 2019!